Our third almost 60 minute post about feet brings us to run. I did add a couple of the famous songs but eliminated many to make room for some lesser known tunes. First up I would like to give a shout out to my youngest daughter who has started her own earrings shop on Etsy to help with the costs of her last year of college. Please fill free to have a look at her stuff at The Calico Collective.

First up this week we will start again with a double shot but instead of by one artist we will do two songs with the same title. First up we have Velvet Underground.

Our second run, run, run comes from Jo Jo Gunne

Next up we have this heavy metal classic from Iron Maiden.

Found this cool little clip of 3 Doors Down starting out one of their concerts with this run song and couldn’t pass it up.

We will start to slowly take it down a notch with Paul McCartney and Wings.

1001 Albums in 10 Years did a post last week were he mentioned his favorite fish bands and in the comments someone mentioned Phish

Next we will do a couple from the ladies. First up we have Liz Phair

I really enjoyed Sheryl Crow’s first album with the Tuesday Night Music Club but haven’t really enjoyed much after that. So let’s blast one from that first album.

We will go from the ladies to a couple about the ladies. How about a Christmas classic from Elmo and Patsy

Next up we have Sweet.

Anybody who knows me well knows my favorite band is Pink Floyd. I don’t blog about them much but here I get a chance to drop a tune by them.

From on the run to run around we go with this tune by Blues Traveler.

Our second to last tune gives us a short surf instrumental from The Ventures

This weeks final song comes from The Fray.

2 thoughts on “Run

  1. Phair was a suggestion from my kid. Never heard of her before that and for Crow that first album has some good tunes on it, shame she decided to go her own way after it. And no problem on the shout out, I really enjoyed that post


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