DCW and Yuri

DCW and Yuri

This blog is about those long forgotten songs from the past that as we have grown older, and the mind has gotten slower, their memory is all but lost. Don’t you just love it when you are watching a movie and there is a partial song played that makes you light up and smile, grab your laptop or tablet and start searching away? Or fast forwarding through the credits till the music list starts scrolling on the screen?

Do you remember the days of free form radio? When the DJ’s could play almost anything they had at their disposal. You could call in for a request of some off the wall song that would never be played on the top 40 or rock station and the DJ would play it for you. KTIM out of San Rafael, CA was one of those stations and many of these songs where first heard there.

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  1. I like the premise of the blog and your writing style. Looking forward to reading more!


  2. Hi Dennis, I love the way you describe, music, instruments, bands, rock stars and their struggles. I can read and feel your love for rock guitars. I like the title of your blog “Forgotten Rock Classics” because I believe that music is a reflection of society, and rock is a reflection of American culture. C.Gray ~ CS5711

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    • Claudia thank you for the kind words. I have been passionate about music for almost 40 years. Next week we are changing gears and going with a folk rock ballet. Have you ever heard “Today” by Jefferson Airplane? It is a beautiful song that really gives people a chance to see the other side of Jefferson Airplane.

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      • Dennis, I’ve never heard “Today” before. What a beautiful song!! I am developing some love for American Folk music – it’s so unique!
        I love this part of the song:

        “To be any more than all I am
        Would be a lie
        I’m so full of love
        I could burst apart
        And start to cry”

        Wow!! Intense!!

        Keep sharing forgotten rock songs like this one.


    • Thank You for the information and I’ll check into it. I was tinkering with the site around that time working on a post so maybe that was the reason why??? Gotta love this learning curve!

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