Walking + 1

Last week was walk on our weekly quest for under 60 on a subject, word or nation. Instead of walk we will be walking and we even have a walkway to finish it off.

We shall open up the music portion of our walking songs with a double shot of Fats Domino.

Before we get to the lady’s portion of the program we will bust out a few blues songs. First up we have Albert King walking the back streets.

How about we take a walk in the park with Muddy Waters?

How stupid of me. I had to go back and get my dog for the park walk. Thanks to Rufus Thomas for reminding me.

We will get back to the blues later on in the program but for now we will bring on the ladies for a bunch of walking songs. First up is one from my youngest daughters playlists. Here is Tegan and Sara going supernatural on us.

When you are wearing boots you are most likely doing what Nancy Sinatra is doing in this classic.

I was to young to ever hear or see Patsy Cline on radio or TV but I still do enjoy hearing one of her songs every so often.

Missing Persons was a new wave band in the early 80’s but we will tie them in with the ladies section since Dale Bozzio who also sung with Frank Zappa on a couple records is the lead singer.

Have you heard enough of this Katrina and The Waves yet?

That’s all for the ladies portion of the program so let’s do some cities or states a couple times. First up is Marc Cohn singing about Memphis.

Nice little tune by Jim Croce wanting to get back to Georgia. Why, why, why…

Speaking of Georgia how about one by REM

Across the ocean to Australia we go to hear the electronic music duo Empire of the Sun.

For our last two walking tunes we will go back to the blues. First up John Mayall doing this oldie on his 70 th birthday celebration concert.

Nancy sang about her boots and now we have Memphis Slim singing about his Walking shoes.

Our last tune brings us to the plus one song. Knowing it would be near impossible to do a whole hour on “walkways” I thought this 9 minute guitar blaster from the one and only Gary Moore would be a nice filler. Gary is one of those musicians that even though I saw him when he was in Thin Lizzy I really wish that I would have seen him solo.


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