The Doors “Peace Frog”

Peace Frog

“There’s blood in the streets, it’s up to my ankles
Blood in the streets, it’s up to my knee”

This song crossed my mind on the 19th when I saw that some idiot was speaking at the National Policy Institute convention and was using the “Hail Hitler” salute but instead saying “Hail Trump”. Plus other things were being said that really showed the people who didn’t vote for our next President why they were so concerned if he won. In case any of you haven’t seen or heard about it here is the YouTube video of it 100% Idiot

Trump supporters who have been trashing the people protesting are saying that “they are sore losers”. what a shame that they have been so short sighted in trying to make “America WHITE again” that they have lost site of what all the protesting and commotion is about. People are worried about people like this idiot, and concerned that the President elect will take America back to before Abraham Lincoln was president. It’s also a shame that they have forgot that “white people” ARE NOT the true Americans but the Native American people were here 100’s of years before us white people. Yes the same people who are now fighting to stop a oil pipeline from going through there native lands that back in the 1800’s white people had given them as consolation for taking the rest of there land. Worse our President elect has major financial ties with the people building the pipeline. Here are some links to help out the Sioux fighting for there land.