This week our 60 minutes of music takes us to “Dance” and a couple “Dancer”. In other words those of us that lived through the 70’s will be hearing some disco music hitting the air waves with more to come next week.
Our first song is part of a double shot from the disco band Chic.

A few weeks ago some fellow blogger ( I’m sorry but I forgot who and couldn’t find it in my reader) did a post about bass lines and when I watched Bernard Edwards on this classic I couldn’t pass it up.

In the WTF category we have Tina Charles.

I don’t think C C and the Music Factory we’re labeled as Disco but this next song has disco written all over it.

Next up we have The Smiths telling us what will be happening for the rest of this post.

Before we move on to some more we’ll known groups I have one more from the WTF category. Here is a young and beautiful Doris Day.

Having never seen Ramones live I wonder how many songs they would play per show?

I had the pleasure of seeing Fall Out Boy a couple times a few years ago. Here is a great gem from them.

While doing these posts I tend to stay away from the bigger hits or artists but this Elton John classic had to be on the post. Besides I did say two dancers at the beginning of the post.

How about this Loggins and Messina classic.

Now we will turn our attention to some oldies. We will start with one of the pioneers of rock music Bill Haley.

Changing the style now to a little R&B by The Drifters.

While researching the post I must have cane across at least ten different groups that have done a version of this Wilson Pickett classic.

Back when this Men Without Hats video hit MTV it was played about every 45 minutes (or so it seemed).

Our last selection for the week brings us to some folk music by Mumford and Sons.