Week four of our under 60 minutes of songs about feet takes us to running.

Hearing the sad news that Eddie Van Halen passed away today it is only fitting that we move this Van Halen classic to the top of the list. I had the privilege of seeing them right after they put out their first album and before it really took off. Really enjoyed seeing them live that day since it was before their lead singer got to big for his britches.

Our second song pretty much says how most of us have been felling the last few months during this covid pandemic. Here is Jackson Browne singing to us about running in empty.

When Marilyn Manson first became famous I did that nasty “A” word (assumed) his music would be shit. But to my surprise I really enjoy a lot of his music.

Next up I have a run of songs suggested by my daughter. First one on her list is a live one by Papa Roach

Next some Indie music by The Head and the Heart.

This next band she had to say the name three times before I even started to get it. Then of course I couldn’t even come close to spelling it right and to boot they have been around for 20 years. Here is Hoobastank

Not knowing much about Atoms for Peace before this post I was pretty impressed with the artists in this supergroup.

My last song from my daughter gives us Cage the Elephant

And now this from our sponsor The Lion Guard

After that fantastic break I think all of our hearts are racing to fast so we will slow it down a little with some Robbed Ford

I wonder if anyone in The Spencer Davis Group had someone run out on them and if someone did, did they keep on running?

Or did they just run up a hill to see Kate Bush sing her big hit?

Next up let’s do a double shot. First up the original by Sam Cooke Then we will follow it up with a cool version by The Avett Brothers

Last song of the week goes to Evermore for having a song with the title of the post.


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