Hot Tuna “Funky #7”

Hot Tuna "Double Dose"

Hot Tuna “Double Dose”

“Funky #7”

We have heard many live recording, from many bands through out the years but one song stands out as our favorite. The quality of the recording and how tight Hot Tuna sounds is simple amazing. Yes when the sound studio guys got a hold of the live taping they might have helped clean up the sound a bit, but you can not help hearing how the band does not miss a beat through out the 9 minute version of “Funky #7” from the album Double Dose.

If you would like to get the full sound effects of this Blues Rock classic you need to turn your volume knob to nice and loud. If you have your head phones near by you must get your ass of of the couch and grab them. With in the first 2 1/2 minutes we run through the lyrics of the tune for the first time.
“Walking, talking, breathing, trying to smile yourself to death
With your finger on the pulse of time there ain’t no time to rest….”

After that Jorma Kaukonen begins to give us a taste of his guitar knowledge that he wasn’t really allowed to showcase as a member of Jefferson Airplane. About the 3:20 mark Jorma begins singing the second part of the lyrics again for us just to make sure that we haven’t forgotten any of the words. Soon after the singing stops the group begins the 4 1/2 minute jam session that is Hot Tuna at its finest. With Jack Casady’s bass keeping the beat moving along with drummer Bob Steeler and keyboard player Nick Buck, Jorma plays some of his finest guitar work to date. We hope that you enjoy this forgotten rock classic as much as we do. For those of you classic Hot Tuna fans out there you can always put on side 3 of your Double Dose album and get the 8:49 second “Funky #7” followed by one of our other favorite Tuna tunes, the 6:43 second live version of “Serpent of Dreams”

Video courtesy of marcnoelsant