James Gang “Funk 49”

“Funk 49”

It’s been awhile since we have had a good rocking song on the site so how about some Joe Walsh from back in 1970 when he played with the band James Gang. Funk 49 gives us almost 4 minutes of that good old rock and roll and at no point lets us down. It came crashing down to us fast and furious on radio stations right after their second album James Gang Rides Again was released.

James Gang started out around 1966 as a 5 piece band from Cleveland, Ohio and went through some modifications until 1969. At this point they became a three piece band. Per Wikipedia they were about to do a show when the fourth member of the band decided that he didn’t want to play so the three guys left Walsh. bass player Dale Peters and drummer Jim Fox went out and did the show. They enjoyed their sound so much that night that they decided to stay a trio. So off of their second record as a trio I bring you Funk 49.