Boz Skaggs “Loan Me A Dime”

Boz Scaggs

Boz Scaggs “Boz Scaggs”

“Loan Me a Dime”

Boz Scaggs was the second solo effort by Scaggs. His first record titled “Boz” was a commercial failure. Boz was recorded in Europe in 1965 and after the failed attempt Scaggs moved back to the states and began playing with his good buddy Steve Miller again. After a few records with Miller, Scaggs went out on his own again and signed a deal with Atlantic Records.

In 1969 Boz Scaggs went into the famed Muscle Shoals Sound Studio studio in Sheffield, Alabama to record what could be one of his best albums ever. Recording the record with some of the greatest studio musicians of all time, this blues studio record really packs a punch. With Duane “Skydog” Allman playing slide and the Dobro. Yes the same Duane Allman that played with his brother in the Allman Brothers Band and that Rolling Stone Records ranks as the second greatest guitarist of all time. Most of the other musicians on the album where the Muscle Shoals Sound Studio owners and session musicians better known as the The Swampers . This is the group of musicians that are mentioned in the Lynyrd Skynyrd classic Sweet Home Alabama:

The Swampers consisted of Barry Beckett keyboards, Roger Hawkins drums, David Hood on bass, Jimmy Johnson and Eddie Hinton playing guitar. “Loan Me a Dime” was written by blues player Fenton Robinson in 1967. Boz Scaggs version is longer (12:48) and highlights all the talented musicians that performed on it. We recommend that you listen to the song via some headphones, as throughout the entire song since some of the slide guitar work and all the other instruments become the hidden gems that makes the song so great.  The song starts with a slow keyboard/piano mix that really sets the tone for the whole thing. As Duane begins to pick on the guitar at the one minute mark you truly begin to get that bluesy filling.  a great side note is that the lyrics don’t even begin until the 2:35 mark which is about how long it seems whole songs are today. At the 4:18 mark Duane starts to rip through this slow solo that highlights his guitar talents. For the entire 2 minutes that follow you can hear the quality of the The Swampers talent as they work hard on keeping the guitar from taking complete control over the song. Now we are at the halfway point and Scaggs begins to belt out the sad lyrics on how much he is missing his baby.  The second guitar solo starts a minute latter and the band picks up the pace some. Up until now we are sure that you have been wondering why you needed the headphone. If you have the volume turned up just right you can sit back and enjoy the last 5 minutes and all the sound and amazing slide guitar work. So sit back. remember the days of phone booths at every gas station and 7 eleven and ask somebody to “Loan you a Dime.”

Video courtesy of Dimitris Koutsiaftis