ELP “Pictures at an Exhibition”

ELP "Pictures at an Exhibition

ELP “Pictures at an Exhibition”

If you where asked to name three progressive rock bands of the 1970’s almost everybody asked would have these two bands on the list. The first being the progressive rock rock band Yes who’s music got much more air play on the radio since they tended to be a more mainstream and the other would be Emerson Lake & Palmer (ELP). We here at Forgotten Rock Classics tend to lean more on the side on ELP as the greatest progressive rock more then Yes. Maybe we are a little bias on our opinion being that we rank or first ELP as one of the best concerts we have ever been to. Carl Palmer’s drum solos alone were worth the price of admission.

Pictures at an Exhibition is ELP’s take on the Russian composer Modest Mussorgsky’s piano suite Pictures at an Exhibition and was recorded live at Newcastle City Hall, UK in March 1971. This album showcases more of the bands classical side more then their other albums. This is also about the time people started to really notice Keith Emerson’s mastery of the Moog Synthesizer. And the last piece of the puzzle that completed the band was bass guitar, lead guitar and singer Greg Lake’s.

As a dedication to a fellow blog writer that we follow hear at Forgotten we have taken the blank pictures inside of the album cover and put in few paintings from some of his posts. Loud Alien Noise by Tobe does blogs about many different things but the ones that stick out to us the most are his posts supporting artists who do a variety of vivid imagery. We thought that the beauty of some of this often strange and odd drawings truly did belong inside of a picture frame. Here are a few of our favorite posts for your viewing enjoyment:

Video courtesy of jemaliko bagashvili