Sometimes you just don’t need any vocals. This weeks almost 60 is a all instrumental. To many choices so there will be many that you might have wanted on the list that are not going to be there.
This first song was the inspiration behind the post. Here is Jeff Beck.

Our second tune comes from Stevie Ray Vaughan. I truly believe Jimi Hendrix would be very proud of this one.

Speaking of Jimi Hendrix . Here is his song about what planet he was born on.

For most of us our first taste of Joe Satriani was this tune.

I haven’t heard this Eric Johnson tune for awhile, so it’s fitting that it goes on the list.

I got the chance to see Jeff Healey way back in the day when he first started to get famous. That night was a treat for sure as most of the show was based on Jimi Hendrix songs.

With so many great songs to choose from, the decision was made to safe some from another post because you can’t really have a instrumental song list without this Edgar Winter radio hit.

While looking for a good live video of this Lonnie Mack song and found one that had him and SRV doing it so I just had to use this on from 1986.

One day while traveling and hungry I came across this pizza place were it was like $4.00 bucks for a soda and big piece of pizza and couldn’t resist stopping in real quick to get a piece to go. Well after hearing Buckethead playing on his jams I ended up staying there and slooowwwly eating to listen to some. Besides when ever has KFC and a guitar been matched up so perfectly.

The hour is almost up and there is only so much time. Three groups that I wanted to use do not have a instrumental short enough. Put I did find one from my favorite group Pink Floyd to use.