Cream “Tales Of Brave Ulysses”

“Tales Of Brave Ulysses”

If you have had the privilege of reading the blog site done by Angie Moon called Crazy On Classic Rock or “The Diversity of Classic Rock” you know that there are young people out there in the world that truly do understand and want to learn about the beginnings of Rock & Roll. When ever Angie posts it is well worth the read. Her detail to the research of each of her posts really shows up when you are reading them. I have learned much in the time that I’ve been reading her posts that I never knew. Some of my favorites are:

To read more of Angie’s blog go to Crazy On Classic Rock I promise you will not be disappointed.

Another way that Angie lets us know about her music tastes is by a 1 hour music show that she did and hopefully soon will be doing again. She did the show from University of Limerick student radio station out of Ireland. I was able to listen to it at noon on Wednesdays out here on the West Coast so it made it real easy to listen to. On her last show before taking a winter break she played Tales of Brave Ulysses by Cream. a song that I haven’t heard in years and forgot about how much I loved it. So Angie THANK YOU very much for bringing back the memory of Tales of Brave Ulysses to me. If you would like to listen to her show if or when she comes back on the air I would recommend following her Facebook page. If the show does come back I’m sure she will post something there about it. Angie’s ability to play a wide range of rock music is something to behold.

Tales of Brave Ulysses comes from Cream’s album Disraeli Gears. Recorded at Atlantic Studios in New York City in 1967 and produced by Felix Pappalardi who later was bass player and song writer for the band Mountain. Clocking in at 2:46 Tales of Brave Ulysses is a true Cream classic with that distinctive Eric Clapton guitar, Ginger Baker on drums and Jack Bruce playing bass and the vocals. Almost 3 minutes of pure hard rocking Rock & Roll!!