The Tubes “White Punks on Dope”

“White Punks on Dope”

We happen to live down the street from a old run down shopping center that is mostly empty like lots of shopping centers in America. The owner of the shopping center wants to tear down the center and build apartments and to make a long story short he does nothing to fix, upgrade or stop the kids from doing what they want there. For sake of argument we will call the kids “Square Rats”. The Square Rats pretty much do what ever they want over there, deal drugs, do drugs, burn outs and lighting big loud firecrackers without much worry about the police. A few days ago my daughter comes home and tells me that I got to see something. She found a picture on some social media site were three of the “square rats” (who all happened to be white) had matching tattoos of the square sign on there legs. WTF, now if that isn’t White Punks on Dope because only a dope would do something like that.
Now White Punks on Dope isn’t my favorite Tubes tune and they are the type band were you love them or hate them but lets face it back in the 70’s they put on one hell of a live show playing this song and other hits like “What Do You Want From Life” and “Don’t Touch Me There”.
White Punks on Dope was written by the two guitar players Bill Spooner, Roger Steen and Michael Evans.
I love Michael Cotten’s synthesizer in the beginning 30 seconds. Not to much, just a few well times sounds here and there to help set the tone of the song. Then we get that distinct Fee Waybill sound:
“Teenage had a race for the night time
Spent my cash on every high I could find
Wasted time in every school in L.A.
Getting loose, I didn’t care what the kids say”
The rhythm section begins with drummer Prairie Prince and bass guitar player Rick Anderson who both happen to still be in the group today along with Steen and Waybill. Then on keyboards we had the late Vince Welnick who also had a run with The Grateful Dead in the 90’s and last doing all the string and horn arrangements was American composer, arranger, and jazz accordionist Dominic Frontiere. So I give you…
“We’re white punks on dope
Mom & Dad live in Hollywood
Hang myself when I get enough rope
Can’t clean up, though I know I should
White punks on dope
White punks on dope”