Next up on my under 60 minutes is “Walk” plus one. Every song has the word walk in the title except one. This is the first of many posts that will have to do with feet.

We all hope to have a walk of life so let’s start with Dire Straits.

Do you still find yourself walking a line trying not to miss a step like we all did as kids? Well I don’t think the man in black, Johnny Cash was thinking about this when he wrote this timeless classic.

Maybe Johnny was walking a fine line between the right side, wrong side or the wild side of the road? Well we all know that Lou Reed definitely spent some time on the wild side during his younger years.

My favorite Rory Gallagher record has to be Irish Tour 74. I remember reading something years ago that during the whole Irish uprising in the 70’s the only time everyone would stop fighting was when Rory would do his annual Irish tour.

Weather you like this song or not if you lived through the 80’s and 90’s you heard this song by The Bangles way to many times.

So maybe you don’t want to walk like an Egyptian. How about going bigger and badder with this Neil Young and Crazy Horse tune.

This Heavy Metal tune by Pantera. is the only song on this list that exactly matches the title of the post.

For the longest time I thought the name of this song was “I’d walk 500 miles”. So for this post I will just keep thinking about the song in the past as “I’d walk…” instead of its real name I’m Gonna be (500 miles) that is by the duo The Proclaimers.

The next two songs have the same song title and are both from bands known for Punk Music but are different in nature. First up Goldfinger.

Next this shorty from Bad Religion.

From Punk to some classic The Four Seasons.

Here’s a classic instrumental dance song from 1959 by Santos and Johnny. Check out the young Dick Clark.

Our last song comes gives us some Cajun Swamp Pop from The Boogie Kings.

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