With all the hoopla in regards to the upcoming United States elections and all the b.s. going on around it let’s do a almost 60 with politics or politician in the title or lyrics. There is some more well known songs that were passed up to showcase other bands but I still have some of the favorites.

Let’s start off with one by the heavy metal band Dope.
“Sick of politicans and politics and prisons lyin and runnin my life
You pathetic preachers and hypocritic leaders smilin and wastin my time“

Next up on our list we will turn to some route Reggae music by Steel Pulse.
“Fire to the Vatican
Fire Politician
Fire to the Babylon”

Next up we have one of Billy Joel’s greatest hits.
“And the waitress is practicing politics
As the businessmen slowly get stoned
Yes, they’re sharing a drink they call loneliness
But it’s better than drinkin’ alone”

Next up a band that I got turned on to threw someone’s blog site a few years ago. They never got the recognition back when there album came out around 1974 or 76. Now days they are known as Detroit’s first punk band. Here is Death from Detroit. I believe when the record first came out they were known simple as Death. There is a great documentary out there about this band also.

Found this video on YouTube while researching the post. My best guess is this is some guy that did a couple music videos for the channel. Anyway here is some mild rap music “Never Trust a Politician”.

Drastic change now! Here is some Heavy Metal from Korn

My favorite version of Little Feat is during the Lowell George days.

A few weeks ago we lost the great Charlie Daniels. I would like to take this chance to play one from him.
“And a politician wants a vote
I don’t want much of nothin’ at all
But I will take another toke“

The next three we will pick up the pace and get rocking. First up the Gothic Rock band The Lords of the New Church.
“Assassination politics
Violence rules within’ our nation’s midst
Well ignorance is their power tool”

From Gothic to classic Heavy Metal we go. First we grab bottle of Jack, then we spin some Motörhead.
“ I am the politician
and I decide your fate”

The final one of our three ball busters goes to Black Sabbath.
“A politician’s job they say is very high
For he has to choose who’s got to go and die
They can put a man on the moon quite easy
While people here on earth are dying of old diseases”

Here is a shorty by the Grunge Rock band Soundgarden

We had our bottle of Jack earlier so now let’s sit back and have a couple tokes for our final song this week. A little classic reggae from the master Bob Marley.
“ Never make a politician grant you a favor
They will always want to control you forever, eh!”

3 thoughts on “Politics

  1. Didn’t find anything on the Blasters while researching or I would have used them. Politician by Cream was left off because in the past I have seen many different bloggers talk about it

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    • Yeah the Cream cut is obvious. There’s a version with Rory Gallagher and Bruce that cooks. The Blasters doesnt have the word politian in it ( I dont think the word ‘Politician” is in it but the idea is there. Sort of like the Who’s “Meet the new boss, same as tho old boss”

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