Progressive Rock

My favorite style of music has to be Progressive Rock and since I haven’t done a almost 60 on prog rock I think the time has come. This hour will not showcase any of my major favorites but I still think you all will enjoy it.

Our first song for the week was a major challenge, how to find a version of a 45 plus minute song that wouldn’t take up the whole hour. Well lucky for me Mike Oldfield did do shorter live versions of this classic.

After that long one I had to find a nice short song, which we all know is a challenge in prog music. Here is the Alan Parsons Project doing a studio version of one of their hits.

Another European band that has been around for decades is Barclays James Harvest.

I am not a big of Genesis music after Peter Gabriel. So let’s do one from their early work.

Next up a group that I really don’t know much about and I’m just starting to listen to their music. Is it that Gentle Giant was not famous in America or did I just miss the boat?

Well it’s nice not doing beach music and their 2:30 to 3:00 minutes each. Our second to last group again comes from across the ocean. Here is Soft Machine

Found this great triple shot live from Procol Harum that I just couldn’t pass up.

4 thoughts on “Progressive Rock

  1. This was a fun one for me since I enjoy prog rock so much. Didn’t want to have the same old groups or songs so I found some new music to listen to along the way


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