Beach Music

With this whole covid virus disturbing our spring and summer how about we do some classic beach music to remind us about all the things we have been missing by not going out to any beaches or driving out to see the ocean.

We will start our under 60 minutes this week with a live triple shot by The Beach Boys. You just can’t go wrong with a three Surfin song medley to start a post like this.

Next up we will go to the master of the Surfin guitar Dick Dale. This live one really shows you how a left handed player can use a right handed guitar with the strings backwards.

Let’s stay with the instrumental theme with some British beach music. Here is The Shadows.

This song by The Surfaris might be the moth played, well known surf song there is. Shit even my youngest daughter knows this one.

Beach music from South Bend, Indiana? Why not here is The Rivieras.

Had some trouble picking which song I wanted from Jan and Dean. After much thought let’s go with this great tune.

Do you come up with a name like The Trashman when your from Minnesota playing beach music? If you have ever watched the show Family Guy you know Peter can go off on something for days on end. Here is part of the show after he hears his favorite song of all time on the jukebox.

The Ventures had a hit song that got played for many years before a T.V show back in the day. I know there was all a remake that came out and played on T.V for many years put I have no idea if it also started with this classic.

Listening to this The Bel-Airs song I could hear parts of a couple other beach songs

Let’s play a slower song by The Tornadoes

Straight form California we have The Relels.

I’ve saved some of the best for last. Now it’s time to change it up a little. Let’s do a couple by Bullhole Surfers

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