California Bands

Living in California I tend to know more about bands from the state. So this weeks under 60 minutes (oops a couple seconds over) is California bands. There will be many bands that will not make the list due to so many choices so I’ll say I’m sorry now for that but there was also many bands that I saved for future posts.

Let’s start with some Heavy Metal from Glendale, CA. Here is System of a Down (SOAD)

Even though Metallica got their start in Los Angeles they used to and some still might have connections to my local town.

Carlos got his start in San Francisco many years ago and over the years has been connected to Marin County. Next up one of Santana’s hits that didn’t make my instrumental list but we get it here.

Now we will take a ride up the 101 for a couple hours to hear AFI do their biggest hit.

We could have stayed in Northern CA longer but let’s take the long drive down back down to Los Angeles for a three pack of artists. First up we have Tenacious D.

We could do many a song by Weezer but as someone who used to play Guitar Hero seeing this person do this one on hard is impressive. I could never do any song on hard myself.

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros just seems like one of those bands that would be fun to go see live. Here is a live one for you and after watching this if you do enjoy it check out the studio version.

Well I got to admit that with this whole Covid virus going around the smog down in L.A. has went down and you can breathe better but with baseball finally starting this week I wanted to travel back up to Berkeley, CA to hear John Fogerty do this baseball classic.

A super short drive takes us to Oakland for this Y&T classic.

After that one let’s take the short drive across the Bay Bridge to hear Faith No More do their rock rap hit.

To finish our little adventure we will travel back down south. Let’s start with Alien Ant Farm from Riverside, CA.

A couple years ago while watching PBC they did a concert from one of my favorite places Red Rocks Amphitheater.
While watching I was really impressed with Los Angeles based A Perfect Circle. So let’s do a couple by them since they blend into each other.

Oh shit! We got a “Skunk” citing here in L.A. we got to go now and see this all star lineup doing one of
Spirit‘s greatest hits.


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