Psychedelic Rock

Week two of my close as possible to hour hour of music comes from we’re I call home. Psychedelic music from the 60’s had a lot of influence on later music and one of the places where it was big was San Francisco. Even though I was to young to enjoy the music when it was happening first hand I learned more about it later when we moved out here and have been enjoying it since. So for this week here is almost 60 minutes worth of San Francisco psychedelic music ending with the greatest album ending song of all time.

We will start with this nice tune by Strawberry Alarm Clock.

Up until about a month ago I didn’t know much about this Blue Cheer tune but since then it has been played around here a few times.

Everyone has seen and heard this Big Brother and the Holding Company classic from the Monterey International Pop Festival so here is one from 1968.

One of my favorite psychedelic bands Quicksilver Messenger Service.

I was never a fan of The Grateful Dead but while researching what song to post I found this live jam video. Don’t have any clue what the name of the song is but the video quality was impressive for something over 50 years old.

This little gem was added as the last song to try and get close to the 60 minutes. Pretty tough finding a psychedelic song this short. Here is The Flamin Groovies.

Spent some time trying to decide what song to play by Jefferson Airplane but I knew it had to be off of Surrealistic Pillow.

Since this post is based off of lunch hour maybe it’s time for some dessert Vanilla Fudge.

Or you would like some Moby Grape. Now that truly sounds like some new style 2020 food doesn’t it?

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