Southern Rock

Been a couple years since I last posted. I have spent many hours thinking about doing something a little different with my posts. Hopefully ever week there will be different variety of songs based on something. I will be using YouTube videos to try and get as close as possible to 60 minutes worth of music.

Let’s face it the best version of Marshall Tucker Band was when Toy Caldwell and his brother Tommy Caldwell we’re still alive.

How many of you remember this classic by Black Oak Arkansas?

This great classic by Molly Hatchet that names almost all the classic Southern Bands from the 70’s.

Atlanta Rhythm Section had some AM radio hits in the 70’s. Here’s one you didn’t really hear to often.

For those of you who enjoy the three guitarist bands here is the studio version of a classic by The Outlaws. Or is it Outlaws?

Blackfoot seemed like they were late for the Southern Rock explosion but had some great songs like this one.

To me no other southern band had the sound of Little Feat.

Here is my youngest daughters favorite Allman Brothers Band song.

From that little old band from Texas ZZ Top

Last one from one of my all time favorite bands Lynyrd Skynyrd


4 thoughts on “Southern Rock

  1. Two years! Man, that’s an eternity in the blogosphere. Glad to have you back otherwise I’d have to spend all my time talking to CB. 🙂 Love the genre of course. Molly Hatchet – meh. Saw Skynyrd a year or two back with Marshall Tucker opening. They were still great. “Southern Rock” is such a mixed bag of from the jazzy subtleties of the Allman’s to the balls out of Black Oak Arkansas.

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  2. Some good music here. Some of it even sounds better with age. A couple i wasnt familiar with. I was just in touch with Music Enthusiast and told him I was listening to Lowell George this morning and then you pop up with this.
    Welcome back!

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