The Temptations “Papa Was a Rolling Stone”

Papa Was a Rolling Stone

I had to drive down to the city the other day and this lost classic came on. Not the single version but the 11 minute plus album version that was done by The Temptations in 1972. Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone was a first for Motown records. Never before had they put out a song that wasn’t of the single variety and boy did it pay off. Do I need to say more?


8 thoughts on “The Temptations “Papa Was a Rolling Stone”

  1. Great tune. It took Motown a while to shift from three-minute love songs to longer epics (like this) or moral consciousness (Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder.) But when they did, they often got it right.

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    • Doesn’t it seem that no matter what Motown did they got it right 99% of the time. As one that was to young to really enjoy Motown music as it was coming out but learned and listened to it at a later time, in my opinion what they did for music still stands today.


      • It does. I’ve read somewhere that Motown had a Quality Control group, something I’ve not heard associated with any other label. Had to pass muster with that group to get released.

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    • The story you weave behind listening to the song for the first time is great. Really liked how you described the music. I wonder if Max had thoughts of Maureen somehow being behind the break in? Never coming back to work again and all that?

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