Bad Company “Seagull”


Surprisingly I had forgotten about this tune for the longest time but it came back to my attention after purchasing the 2007 CD Sloe Gin by Joe Bonamassa. Which by the way has an excellent version of Ten Years After’s song One of These Days on it. After hours of searching and investigating, Yea Right!! Thanks YouTube, I re-heard the original version by Bad Company and I have been enjoying it since.

Bad Company’s band members had already been in some formidable bands before getting together in 1973. Among them we have a who’s who of early rock bands. Paul Rodgers and drummer Simon Kirke were both members of the band Free, guitarist Mick Ralphs was one of the founders of Mott the Hoople and the late bassist Boz Burrell cut his chops playing with King Crimson. With this kind of talent you can see why there debut album was a hit machine.

Written by lead singer Paul Rodgers and guitarist Mick Ralphs this 4 minute acoustical beauty came to us via Bad Company’s debut album Bad Company in 1974. The album Bad Company also had the privilege of being the first record released by the Led Zeppelin owned Swan Song Records. Every time “Seagull” plays off of one of my playlists I can’t help but think of the majestic seagull “Jonathan Livingston Seagull”.
“Seagull go and fly, mm, mm, mm,
Fly to your tomorrow, leave me to my sorrow, fly”

Joe Bonamassa’s version


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