Loggins and Messina “Danny’s Song”

“Danny’s Song”

If you read my post on “Mr Bojangles” a while back I mentioned how I used to sneak into Red Rocks Amphitheater back in the day. Another person that I saw was Kenny Loggins. While I’m not much of a fan of Kenny Loggins solo music fan it did start my fascination with Loggins and Messina. However on a side note you can not deny that there is no better ending to a movie then I’m Alright playing at the end of the greatest golf movie ever made Caddyshack when the gopher pops it’s head out of the hole after Bill Murray tries to blow it up.

Written by singer/songwriter Kenny Loggins around 1970 as a gift for his brother Danny after Danny’s wife had given birth to a boy. This song should be a staple for ever hospital room where a birth is happening. Although it’s about a son I see no reason why you couldn’t change the one son and one he in the song to girl and she. I know that I played this song after I got home from both of my daughters births without any problems. I even sent the link to my son in law at the hospital to play for my daughter after she gave birth to my grand son. I could see her smile from 40 miles away at home when he played it for her.

For most of us when your first child was born the chorus on “Danny’s Song” says everything that you and your other were thinking because there is no better feeling in the world then seeing a child born and the love that you have for your partner after that wonderful day.
“And even though we ain’t got money
I’m so in love with you, honey
And everything will bring a chain of love
And in the morning, when I rise
You bring a tear of joy to my eyes
And tell me everything is gonna be alright”
Coming from there 1971 debut album Sittin’ In where Jim Messina also did double duty by producing. This album also gave us their hits House at Pooh Corner that got tons of radio play and Vahevala If you would like to listen again to one of these lost classics I have put in the links on the widget bar along with some other of my favorites by them. There isn’t much to explain about how the song goes or any changes that might occur in it because “Danny’s Song” is a simple lost classic masterpiece where you get Kenny Loggins playing his acoustic guitar and singing from his heart and Messina and the rest of the band joining in to make it a complete piece.
This ones for you “Denielle” and if she read my blog which she doesn’t it’s for you to “Paper Plate”.


8 thoughts on “Loggins and Messina “Danny’s Song”

  1. Dennis, such a lovely gift to send to family and friends. As the music was playing, and I was singing along with the lyrics, Roxie jumped up on the chair to listen and has settled in. It never ceases to amaze me that the words to all these songs come back to me so easily! Have a peaceful day, my friend.

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    • Clare
      Glad you and my little buddy Roxie liked the song choice. It was another request song by Denielle. My youngest (paper plate) just doesn’t get the meaning of what all the old rock and roll songs are about. One thing though I will say about her though is that she doesn’t hesitate to say yes going to a Brit Floyd or before the changes Aussie Floyd shows with me. Both the girls can pretty much sing along with any Pink Floyd song that they hear because growing up they heard them so many times. I don’t do Floyd songs here though since to me none of them are lost classics.
      On the subject of singing along it is pretty amazing how those lyrics have been embedded deep into our brains.

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      • It’s wonderful that your daughter have a love of music. (All your fault.) Yes, I think I pretty much know all of the lyrics to any of the songs from the 60’s and early 70’s. And of course, my Dad was a musician and his band played the classics, so add that to my repertoire. Now, I wish I could remember where I put my glasses!

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  2. Thanks Dad! Love this one… another great post and song choice. Great memories of listening to this with you, as well as listening to it in the hospital just a short time ago. Love you.

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  3. Great song by a great little band. I dated a girl whose favorite song was “House at Pooh Corner.” Like so many of my relationships with women, she and I bombed, and I thereafter sold this album. But I still have “Loggins and Messina” and “Motherlode,” which always bring a smile.

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