Greg Lake “I Believe in Father Christmas”

Before the passing of Greg Lake I had planned on posting this tune. This is my family’s favorite Christmas tune and Terry from the blog site Spearfruit just did a post on Father Christmas. You can read Terry’s post by clicking below.

I Believe in Father Christmas

9 thoughts on “Greg Lake “I Believe in Father Christmas”

    • CB My plan was to get more involved on the song and talk much more about Pete since I haven’t said much in past posts about him. Even bringing up that some of the songs from my last post were influenced by Sinfield and other ELP hits. But with the timing of Terry’s post I decided to let his post do the talking.

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      • Different takes are always cool. I’d be curious on yours. I just popped over and saw the song. Back to Sinfield, I think I have 2 or 3 copies of ‘Still’ I liked the record but 3 copies. Him and Lake wrote some very good tunes. They reminded me of the Jack Bruce Pete Brown relationship. Like I said a rarity to have people mention Pete Sinfield.

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        • CB for years I always thought it was about loss of innocence and childhood belief but after hearing what Greg said about it I started to listen to it in a different way. But lets face it loss of innocence makes the song for real.

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  1. A beautiful song, musically, although the lyrics (mainly Pete Sinfield) are a bit confusing. I’ve been listening to a lot of Greg Lake and ELP recently. He was a pretty powerful musician and songwriter and definitely held his own with Fripp, Emerson, and Palmer. R.I.P. Greg.

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    • Pete It’s interesting to hear what Lake and Sinfield have said about the tune. Greg said that he wrote the song in protest at the commercialization of Christmas. Sinfield, however, said that the words are about a loss of innocence and childhood belief. What Greg and the rest of the lads in King Crimson and ELP did changed the music world for the better.

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