Emerson Lake & Palmer “Lucky Man”

“Lucky Man”

On December 7th 2016 we lost Greg Lake to cancer. This is the second “in memory of” post I have had to do this year on my second favorite band of all time. Like most progressive rock bands the only songs that you heard on the radio were the shorter, “made for” radio songs or sections of some of the longer ones like “1st Impression Part 2” of Karn Evil 9 from the record Brain Salad Surgery by ELP.

The world got there first big taste of Greg when the band King Crimson release there first album back in 1969 In the Court of the King Crimson. One of the first and and most influential progressive rock albums ever produced. This album changed the face of music forever!! Who could ever forget the classic hits that Greg Lake helped create from this album, The Court of the King Crimson, 21st Century Schizoid Man and Epitaph.

With Greg Lake’s outstanding writing ability ELP got tons of radio play with classic hits like Lucky Man and Take a Pebble off of there debut album Emerson Lake Palmer, From the Beginning off of Trilogy, C’est La Vie from Works Volume 1 just to name a few.

I am truly a “Lucky Man” to have listened to his music, still listen to his music, seen him live a few times including when he was in his prime and last of all to own many of his recordings.
RIP Greg Lake your music will live on forever!!!


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    • CB
      Checked out the post from Music Enthusiast. What at trip that he was in the process of doing the post when he found out. Thanks for turning me on to another great blogger to follow

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