Rest in Peace 2016

Many TV and movie stars that I remember from my childhood growing up along with some outstanding musicians have passed this year. The list is so long that I would be here for days writing about them and you the readers would be scrolling for days looking at them so I have chosen a few of my favorites out of the many to post about minus a few that I have wrote posts on already.
Here’s hoping 2017 doesn’t have so many RIP posts written on artists who have passed and I’m Hoping all of you have a Safe and Healthy 2017

Gordie (Mr. Hockey) Howe
The Detroit fans showing the world what Gordie meant to them and hockey

David Bowie
A true rock legend

Alan Rickman
From Dogma “Angels missing parts”

Abe Vigoda
Loved this show as a kid.

Paul Kantner
Jefferson Airplane greatest radio hit

Alan Young
A little before my time so thank you for reruns

George Kennedy
50 eggs from Cool Hand Luke

Muhammad Ali
“The Greatest”

Ralph Stanley
From O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Pat Summitt
Nobody did more for Women’s Basketball then Pat

Garry Marshall
We all grew up watching his shows

Gene Wilder
Gene and Marty Feldman in Young Frankenstein were amazing.

Leon Russell
I remember when I was around ten seeing Mad Dogs & Englishmen and Reefer Madness at a drive-in movie theater with my older brother and his friends.

Florence Henderson
Who didn’t watch The Brady Bunch?

John Glenn
American Hero Astronaut

Carrie Fisher
The one and only Princess Leia

And lets hope the last!
Debbie Reynolds
Good Morning with Gene Kelly & Donald O’Connor

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