The Marshall Tucker Band “Can’t You See”

“Can’t You See”

One of my all time favorite concerts happened back in June of 77 and the headliner that day was The Marshall Tucker Band. This was a few years before the tragic auto crash that killed co-founder and bass player Tommy Caldwell. This was a major blows to the band, but it didn’t seem to get as much attention nationally that other artist deaths had gotten. I’m sure this had an effect on older brother and co-founder and the main song writer Toy Caldwell at the time. Sound like another pretty famous Southern Band?

The Marshall Tucker’s first album The Marshall Tucker Band was released on Capricorn Records in 1973 and was produced by Paul Hornsby and with it came a more Country Rock style of Southern Rock. I tend to think that The Outlaw’s debut album was molded more from The Marshall Tucker’s Band sound then other Southern Rock artists at the time. Then as time went on they changed to a more guitar orientated sound like Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Can’t You See was written by their primary songwriter and lead guitarist Toy Caldwell.It is about a man trying to get as far away from his women as he can.  This could be the best song Toy ever wrote. Once you hear the beginning flute playing by Jerry Eubanks their is no doubt in your mind what the song is. We add in the bass playing of Tommy Caldwell, drumming of Paul Riddle, the rhythm guitar work from the late George McCorkle and for this song backup vocals by the only remaining member of the band Doug Gray (lead singer for most songs but Toy did these vocals).

“I’m gonna buy a ticket, now
As far as I can
Ain’t a-never comin’ back
Ride me a southbound
All the way to Georgia, now
Till the train, it run out of track”

Can anybody out there name the movie that has Can’t You See and Murder by David Gilmour in it?


8 thoughts on “The Marshall Tucker Band “Can’t You See”

  1. Don’t know the movie. But loved MTB. Saw them at my college in ’78. They made a bunch of good records (the double LP “Where We All Belong” has a great live version of “Can’t You See”). For some reason, those Southern Rock bands had really bad luck. Plane crashes, motorcycle crashes, car crashes, suicides, early natural causes… you name it! But that was a fun era while it happened.

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