Cheech and Chong Medley

In the early 70’s Cheech and Chong created a new kind of comedy that fit right into the times. Here are but a few of there classic skits plus a song from their 1979 film Up in Smoke

From their first LP released in 1971 Cheech and Chong we have:
Tripping in Court


From their 1972 album Big Bambu:
Sister Mary Elephant

Ralph and Herbie

Streets of New York or Los Angeles or San Francisco or…

From !973’s classic Los Cochinos
Evelyn Woodhead Speed Reading Course

Cheborneck (Dog Shit)

Sargent Stadanko

Up His Nose

Since this is a post about music we need to add the shorter version of “Earache my Eye” from the film Up in Smoke.


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