In Memory Of…

Another year comes and goes and the World loses great talented people. Hear is part one to some of them that left a impression on me at some time during my life…
Singer/Songwriter Tom Petty

Guitarist J. Geils

Gregg Allman and Butch Trucks from the original Allman Brothers Band

Comedian Jerry Lewis

The Original Batman Adam West

The original rhythm guitarist for Y+T Joey Alves

Guitarist Dave Hlubek and bassist Banner Thomas from the first Molly Hatchet lineup

Dick Gautier “Hymie” from the TV show Get Smart

Gomer Pyle Jim Nabors (miss him singing before the Indy 500)

Walter Becker from Steely Dan

6 thoughts on “In Memory Of…

  1. That such a list demands multiple parts is a trenchant reminder of our collective, not just creative, mortality.

    Death cut a swath through jazz-rock legends this year. Wonder, will they be featured?

    (That’s my favourite Allman Brother epic, btw.)

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    • Going through the list I did see the jazz-rock legends that has passed but my knowledge of them is very minimal so I will have to leave them to the experts like you. As I told Jim there was no way I could not use that version of “Whipping Post” as Gregg and Butch have now joined Duane in the after life.

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