24 thoughts on “Ray Charles “America the Beautiful”

  1. Amen brother… its time to remember all the things that make us united as Americans regardless of race, creed, sexual orientation, religion etc. and not divide us which happens everytime this faux President opens his mouth

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  2. Ray’s version was featured last night on Ken Burns’ Vietnam series. Have you been watching? It’s not only a riveting documentary (in a horrifying way), but it has lots of great rock, folk, and R&B.

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    • Pete I was watching the Vietnam series and when this song came on. It really made for a great ending to the show and it got me thinking about the whole NFL issue. I only watched bit and pieces of the documentary but need to sit and watch the whole thing.


      • I’ve been watching this On Demand and am woefully behind (Episode 2.) Haven’t much noticed the music yet but maybe that kicks in later. I know the guys over in ‘Nam were listening to Hendrix and whatnot. I found Episode One with its focus on the French fascinating. I look forward to watching the rest of the series as much as one can look forward to watching a catastrophe unfold. I find it interesting that Burns’ Civil War Series from way back stimulated a lot more conversation than this one. I don’t know if it’s because people consider it too soon or they’re just distracted by all the other options to watch.

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        • Jim
          I really don’t remember but hasn’t it always been since the Vietnam war ended Americans just don’t like to discuss it? I did enjoy the Civil War Series and I’m damn sure that I will enjoy this one just as much. The soldier talking at the end of the series last night was a tough watch. You could just see the passion that he still had in his words and face.


          • It is true that we do not. So I am less surprised by that than the fact that the media hasn’t buzzed much about it. But we did to some extent re-litigate the Civil War during that series and well, maybe the scars are too recent for this one. But partially I would bet you a lot of people are barely aware it’s running. Not much promo. But I do have a friend on Facebook who’s a Vietnam vet. Her picture shows her standing next to a tank. (I’m not sure what her role was. She might have been in intelligence since they did not have combat roles and most were nurses.) In any event, I know enough not to bring it up or post anything about it. It is her touchstone and I don’t wanna go there.

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            • The only reason I watched what I did last night was channel rooming. We never heard any promo stuff on it The DVR will be set on it for the rerun though..


      • I’ve watched most of it and am recording all of it. It’s powerful stuff. They ended the previous show with the Kent State shootings, and, as expected, CSNY’s “Ohio.” Had me in tears. One poll immediately after Kent State showed 58 percent of the fucking country thought the shootings were justified. With dumbfucks like this in “America the Beautiful,” no wonder we keep electing bad leaders like Trump.

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