Northern California Fires 10/9/2017

Many of you might not have heard about this in your neck of the woods but out here in Northern California we have many major fires going on right now. A few of the major fires are within 20 to 30 miles North or Northeast of us (not including a smaller 80 acre fire that was about 10 miles away). Many people have lost their homes and businesses. We have been glues to the TV watching the news (one of my wife’s friends from work and her brother are down here staying with us since they got evacuated) trying to find out if their home was safe along with other people that we now.
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10/11/2017 update
Local news 10/11/2017 update
Smoke via a space satellite
Hearing the stories throughout the day made me wonder what it would have been like?
At this point it is too early to tell how it started but maybe it was someone who was doing

while they were driving and out the window went the still lit butt. This along with those nasty Santa Ana winds created a very

night. With California being in peak fire season the dry weeds and grass
were the main ingredients to

the fire.

had no say in the matter and within a matter of an hour or two the North Bay
was on the

By two or three o’clock in the morning the police, fire and other local agencies are on the streets calling out to everybody to find

because it was a major fire storm. Many people had but minutes to get out of their homes and by the time they did some had to literally

getting to their vehicles. If it was me I would have been screaming


We even saw cell phone footage of people swerving all over the road to get around the flames on both sides of the road and maybe someone’s family was screaming at the driver

Those many people that had little warning were really

but hopefully the all got out with all of the family and animals in the vehicles. A couple streets down or maybe even the next door neighbor’s house was already surrounded by a great big

and everybody in the car was yelling at all the people still getting
ready to evacuate

My wife’s friend and brother ended up on the freeway coming south to her work and what usually takes her 20 minutes took two hours. They said “wow what a

that was” when they finally got over to our house from their work place. Maybe hundreds of the evacuated people were saying that it was good to be

after they had gotten to a safe shelter and were thinking about being

and praying that they are not going to be one of the ones watching the news as they see their house going up in flames and the bright eyed newscaster saying “the fire is sure

on that street. What if I had some good old

to calm me down right now that would be nice?
As we watched on TV the northern city of Santa Rosa, Napa and Calistoga were
looking like

All the first responders getting people to safety, the nurses, doctors, EMT’s and local bus drivers along with many other people volunteers evacuating two different hospitals to safe the patients. These are true

not the ones we see on moving or TV (there is a Rush song in there somewhere). It looked like the whole Bay Area had said

because all you could see was dark gray smoke and the smell of fire was everywhere. We are hoping that the evacuated people can go

soon. The ones that have lost everything have the courage to

and can

and see that there is hope and people all around will be there to help.