Head East “Never Been Any Reason”

Never Been Any Reason

Flat as a Pancake was the first album that Head East recorded. Originally released on their own record label “Pyramid Records” label around 1974 or 75. Soon after Never Been Any Reason started to get radio play A & M Records signed them and then re-released it in 1975.

Although Head East is still putting out records and touring today (mostly the Midwest) they never had a hit song again unless you would like to count their 1978 remake of the Russ Ballard song Since You Been Gone. But lets face it when a guitarist like Ritchie Blackmore has a top ten hit with it in 1979, Head East’s version that only reached number 46 on the charts doesn’t have a chance.

Original keyboard player and the only remaining original member Roger Boyd’s double tracked Minimoog and drummer Steve Huston playing are the highlights for me. Steve’s drumming never does overpower the song but is still strong enough to keep the song going. Then you have the well timed double tracked Minimoog by Boyd pieced in at certain points that made people really dig the tune back then. Add in the great guitar work of Mike Somerville, the bass playing of Dan Birney and alternating vocals of Huston and John Schlitt and you got a big hit. The multi-part vocal harmonies sung by all the members didn’t hurt the song much either.
Never Been Any Reason is one of those songs that just picks you up whenever you hear it.


8 thoughts on “Head East “Never Been Any Reason”

  1. Yeah, a necro post. The way I read this song it feels to me like it was written as a male-female duet, with male singing the first four lines of each verse and the female responding in the last two. Then both singing “save my life..” – you know, here we go again and hoping it will be the last time. I’d love to see it performed like that.

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    • Bruce
      Found this on the song. Don’t know if it’s true or not. “ This was written by Mike Somerville, who was the band’s lead guitarist from 1973-1980, and again from 1994-2003. The song is about a guy who returns home – possibly from a tour – and has it out with his woman.”


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