Rose Tattoo “Butcher and Fast Eddie”

“Butcher and Fast Eddie”

When rap music first came out it seemed to me that it was mostly about gangs, drugs, rape and other assorted criminal activities. Now I could be COMPLETELY wrong since I do not listen to it, never have and most likely never will, so if I’m wrong on that statement “Oh Well”. Anyway back in 1978 “Rose Tattoo” came out with their self-titled debut album Rose Tattoo with a song about gangs. This album is Hard Rock all the way and leans heavenly on the slide guitar work of the late Peter Wells.

“Rose Tattoo” was formed in Sydney, Australia around 1976 a few years after a pretty famous hard rock band had formed from there. At the time of there first release the band consisted of slide guitarist Peter Wells, greatly named singer Angry Anderson who sounds like he’s angry when he sings. The late Mike Cocks doing rhythm and lead guitar, the late drummer Dallas “Digger” Royall. Bass guitar was split between two players with Geordie Leach doing much of it and staying with the group until 2013 and Ian Rilen.

“Butcher and Fast Eddie” is not as hard rocking song as the other ones off of the album but it does allow Mr. Angry Anderson a chance to tell us the story of two gang leaders. While Angry is telling us the story you can really hear the slamming slide work of Peter Wells.
“Now Butcher, he was the leader
Had a reputation for being tough but fair” and on the other side of the river lived Fast Eddie
“who even had his sweet young sister out on the streets
Just a girl, barely fifteen”.
And it came the night, at last for their meeting:
“Now, I’m gonna win this fight said Eddy
Yeah…’cause I’m gonna take a knife, and I’m gonna take a gun
But Butcher, he told his mates as they gathered ’round
I got two good fists, and you know I never…
Never ever ever been afraid of anyone”


14 thoughts on “Rose Tattoo “Butcher and Fast Eddie”

  1. Maybe mention more about Ian rilen he wrote all the songs on the first and only good rose tattoo album before leaving to form X. If it wasn’t for him there would be no rose tattoo. But he’s only a bass player right

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  2. Never a big fan of Angry’s vocals, but really respect Wells’ guitar.

    If you don’t know it, there is a pre-Rose Tattoo Angry band called Sid Rumpo whose sole album ‘First Offence’ might rock your Docs.

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