Muddy Waters

April 30th of the year 2017 marked the 34th anniversary on the passing of the legend that was Muddy Waters. What Muddy Waters and his fellow blues masters did for the evolution of music should never be forgotten. To commemorate this occasion I would like to simple post a few videos from the “father of modern Chicago blues”:

7 thoughts on “Muddy Waters

  1. Let the music tell the tale. Good one. I can never get enough Muddy. I’ve probably listened to ‘Mannish Boy’ close to a million times (maybe stretching it a bit. Sounds like an impressive number). Muddy will end up on CB’s station soon.

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  2. Maybe the most important bluesman in history? (I’d call Robert Johnson the greatest). Muddy was the link between rural, country, Delta blues and urban Chicago blues, helping to pave the way toward rock ‘n’ roll. Wish I could’ve seen him perform!

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    • Pete wish I could have seen him to. One of the reasons I became a bigger Johnny Winter fan was when he started recording and playing with Muddy. I wonder how rock and roll would have turned out in the 60’s if the British Invasion bands and others didn’t grew up listening to artists like Johnson and Muddy and…….


      • I think it would have been much different, and much less exciting. There were American acts, but they weren’t nearly as worshipful as the Brits. I can only think of a few that embraced the older black Blues artists: Canned Heat, Butterfield Blues Band, Janis, some of the early New York folkies.

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