Sweet “Fox on the Run”

Sweet “Desolation Boulevard”
Courtesy of Sweet

“Fox on the Run”

Sweet was a 70’s band that had some hits and was categorized more as a Glam Rock band (middle 70’s) then a Pop Music band even though most of their hits had much more of a Pop Music sound. When we first think about them or first thought always is they were a 1980’s Hair Band. But then we come to our senses and remember that Sweet was the original artist that sung the 1975 classic hit “Ballroom Blitz” and not the 80’s version by the Swiss hard rock band Krokus from their album The Blitz. We remember that it was all over MTV in 1984 when they still played videos. Maybe the thought process comes from “Fox on the Run” being about girls since a lot of the hits by the 80’s Hair Bands were about girls and cars, or just showed many barely dresses females in their videos.

Fox on the Run was the first single that was written by the band and is a Pop Music song all the way. The song starts off with the original member Andy Scott giving us these simple notes on the synthesizer or organ that quickly builds up speed as the rest of the band kicks in. The drumming of the late Mick Tucker along with bass player Steve Priest keeps the song rolling at the fast pace required to keep this Top 10 hit moving from beginning to end. What made Sweet though is the vocal style of Brian Connolly. This mans vocals were made to sing Top 40 hits and Fox on the Run really shows this off. I’m not a fan of Steve Perry but just like Brian Connolly there voices can insight a riot with the female fans.

Foxon the Run is one of those songs that as you listen to it you can’t help but tap your feet to it. As a side note it’s funny that while doing research for this weeks post we still found people out there that think Jeff Lynn’s ELO does the song “Love Is Like Oxygen” and not Sweet.

Video courtesy of The Official Sweet Channel


3 thoughts on “Sweet “Fox on the Run”

    • Stuart
      Oops maybe I should have paid more attention to my spelling. Thanks for “spelling it out” for me. For many years I thought it was a ELO song also.


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