Paul Kantner

Jefferson Airplane "Surrealistic-Pillow"

Jefferson Airplane “Surrealistic-Pillow”

“Paul Kantner”

It’s kind of odd that while trying to get the weekly post out last night before the massive blog email blitz came out we gave up on the post and decided to finish it tonight instead. As day turned to night out here in the San Francisco Bay Area we heard the that the music world had lost another classic rock legend. Paul Kantner was a original member of Jefferson Airplane and a big part of the San Francisco Sound. Jefferson Airplane and a couple of their artists have had a couple different posts done here at Forgotten Rock Classics. One of our first posts was the beautiful love ballad Today off of their second album Surrealistic Pillow. Paul Kantner’s place in rock history has been solidified by (to name a few):

Paul Kantner may you RIP.

Somebody to Love and White Rabbit from Woodstock


Plastic Fantastic Lover



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