Glenn Frey

Eagles "Hole in the World"

Eagles “Hole in the World”

“Glenn Frey”

Not a post that we really wanted to write about this week but the music world has lost another classic rock musician. Lets hope the old saying that things come in threes is true and all of us can put away these memorial blog posts for awhile. The greatest thing about enjoying music is the diversity of it. We have lost three rock and roll legends in the last month that all had such vastly different music styles. These three artists helped shape music into what we listen to today. For now as fans we can sit back and cherish all three of these talented musicians music and think back to some of those moments from our past. Lets just hope that those memories are only good ones.
Glenn Frey and the Eagles musical legend will live on a lot longer then we all will be alive just as Bowie’s and Lemmy’s will. May you Glenn Frey rest in peace and we hope you can enjoy putting your musical stamp to work with all the other rock legends we have lost.

The Heat is On

Smuggler’s Blues

You Belong to the City

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