David Gilmour “Murder”

David Gilmour “About Face”
Courtesy of davidgilmour.com


When this blog was started we told the people who know us best that we wouldn’t do a post on our favorite band Pink Floyd because the don’t have any forgotten classics. Pink Floyd has many lost classics dating back to their first single Arnold Layne with Syd Barrett doing the song writing and playing guitar. We are going to stand by our words and not do any Floyd tunes here, BUT we can do the next best thing and comment on our favorite Pink Floyd member David Gilmour.

About Face was David’s second solo record and came out in 1984 six years after his first effort. “Murder” was written about the senseless death of John Lennon, thus the song title. It also confirmed for the second time that Gilmour was just as much a driving force behind the music that had made Floyd famous as anybody else from the group.

“Some of them standing, some were waiting in the line
As if there was something that they thought they might find
Taking some strength from the feelings that always were shared
And in the background, the eyes that just stared

What was it brought you out here in the dark?
Was it your only way of making your mark
Did you get rid of all the voices in your head?
Do you now miss them and the things that they said?

On your own admission you raised up the knife
And you brought it down ending another man’s life
When it was done you just threw down the blade
While the red blood spread wider like the anger you made

I don’t want this anger that’s burning in me
It’s something from which it’s so hard to be free
But none of the tears that we cry in sorrow or rage
Can make any difference, or turn back the page”

Video courtesy of Morgan


One thought on “David Gilmour “Murder”

  1. But, Lennon was shot by Mark David Chapman. Howard Cossell was the first to announce his death during Monday night football, he also invented Nachos that same night. Look it up.

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