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The year was 1977 and Foreigner had just started to hit the main stream with the release of their self titled first record “Foreigner”. We got the chance to see them live in the summer of 1977 as the opening band of a Colorado Sunday at Mile High Stadium in Denver, CO. At the time they were getting much radio play for their billboard hit Feels Like the First Time and their second single Cold as Ice was just beginning to take off.

But when you go to see a concert that has a likes of Atlanta Rhythm Section, Dickey Betts, The Outlaws, The Marshall Tucker Band and the Souths greatest band of all Lynyrd Skynyrd all in their prime playing at it, along with another new up and comer band named Heart you can forgive us for not remembering much about Foreigner’s set list.

The one song however that did stick in our heads was the fourth single from the record that didn’t get much air play “Starrider”. Written by founding members Mick Jones and Al Greenwood, Starrider doesn’t have the same type of sound that made Foreigner famous. It instead showcases more of the keyboards from Al Greenwood. Throw in a little guitar work by Mick towards the end of the song and some great drumming by original drummer Dennis Elliott and there you have it. Not owning a album to look upon to confirm but we think that it is Mick Jones doing the singing instead of Lou Gramm. You can not catch that very specific sound that Lou has in this song.

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6 thoughts on “Foreigner “Starrider”

  1. Hi. Love finding this. Just one thing. “Starrider” was never released as a single – in any market. However, it got tons of play as a suggested track on AOR (Album-oriented Rock) stations.

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      • Really interesting post. And just to add to this: Lou Gramm has just one line on this tune, repeated twice, but he makes the best of it! Amazing, soulful vocal, particularly the second time. I love the trippy mood of the whole song, but Lou’s vocals are my favorite part.

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  3. This song is a great spacey-type song; sort of like a Emerson Lake and Palmer, or maybe even a peppier, Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here album(which is the best of this kind). I think those other bands had influence over Foreigner and Starrider.
    It is really powerful and arresting. It soars and stirs the spirit. Very good song. I wish I had created it and sang it myself.
    Listen to it again, you will hear one voice in the beginning and a different voice at the end.
    It is Mick in the beginning and I believe that Lou comes in at the end of the song and assumes the singing duties at a point where they really need strong upper register vocal power….and boy does he deliver!
    He nails those high notes with ease a virility, and sends the Starrider into the heavens.
    ( I love that harpsichord too. What a great touch)

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