Glam Rock

What makes a Glam Rock band? Makeup of course is the first answer that comes to mind. Interesting stuff learned doing research for this weeks under 60. There definitely will be a person or group that you thought belonged on this list as well as one that might not belong on list. Maybe Arthur Brown was just before his time and got labeled psychedelic since there was no such thing as Glam Rock in 1968.

To me the king of Glam Rock was and still is David Bowie

Didn’t know which T Rex song, but I knew I wanted a live one.

At some point Cleveland did rock (museum), but now it is just a Music Museum. Here is Mott the Hoople back before Ian Hunter did the song Cleveland Rocks.

Whenever I hear about the band Slade I think of the album cover for the record Slayed?

When I first started doing this blog one of the first songs I did was this classic by Brian Eno. Babies on Fire.
As a follow up, one comment that I got tells that it was Paul Rudolph not Fripp that does the guitar solo.

Eno was in some other famous band before his solo work. Here is something from the early years of Roxy Music.

As a stated at the beginning The Crazy World of Arthur Brown does not show up as Glam Rock but he sure had the flair.

I’m sure a lot of you might remember Suzi Quatro as a Glam Rock artist but I sure as hell never thought of her that way until doing this post.

Since we just got our first song by an American artist how about a few more before we finish with a couple more Brits.
The Tubes were better known for their theatrics then their music in the early 70’s but they did get some FM radio play here and there for sure.

Found this cool live version from Lou Reed that I just couldn’t pass up.

Don’t know much about New York Dolls I always thought of them more as a punk band but they do come up as Glam Rock Band also.

No Glam Rock playlist can be comeplete without a Christmas song? WHAT!!! Here is Wizzard

A few years ago I did a three week post series on why there was no road our highway to hell but proof that it was trains. One of the posts was this one No Trains to Heaven so I just couldn’t resist putting this classic Be Bop Deluxe song on this list as well.

If you start with the king of Glam Rock shouldn’t you also end with him. Someday this David Bowie song might actually be sung on Mars.


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