Triumph “Lay it on the Line”

“Lay it in the Line”

Triumph is a three piece group from Canada that didn’t get as much long term world wide attention as another pretty famous Canadian group named Rush but needless to say they did have their moments in the spotlight on more then one occasion.

This brings us to their 3rd album Just a Game that came out in 1979, about four years after they were formed in Toronto, ON after a chance meeting led Emmett, Levine, and Moore to embark on a marathon jam session^.

Lay it on the Line is the 2nd song off of the album and was a main stay FM radio station play for quiet awhile. Clocking in at around 4 minutes it was recorded along with the rest of the album at the famous Metal Works Studio in Mississauga, ON. Metal Works was the creation of drummer Gil Moore and has won the Canadian Music Week Recording Studio of The Year 17 times from 1995 to 2015. Lay it on the Line has that typical 1970’s rock ballad start. Guitarist Rik Emmett starts it off with some slow guitar playing for the first 20 or so seconds before he steps up to the mic. A little passed the 45 second mark drummer Gil Moore and bassist Mike Levine kicks in to say it’s time to turn it up a notch. Then for the rest of the song we get the hard rocking rock ballad finish thay highlights the guitar playing skill of Rik Emmett.

^ Taken from Triumph website


2 thoughts on “Triumph “Lay it on the Line”

    • Not much into rating groups but if I had to rate Triumph I would say Very good. A notch or two below Rush who they were compared to for many years.


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