Fleetwood Mac “Hypnotized”


American musician Bob Welch was better known by other songs but Hypnotized with it’s dreamy, smooth vocals happens to be my favorite tune by him. I was hooked the first time that it came on the radio back in the  70’s. With the opening dream sequence lyrics:
“It’s the same kind of story
That seems to come down from long ago
Two friends having coffee together
When something flies by their window
It might be out on that lawn
Which is wide, at least half of a playing field
Because there’s no explaining what your imagination”
After Peter Green and Jeremy Spencer left the group Fleetwood Mac decided to go into a different music direction (no more blues style but to a more radio friendly music) by hiring Welch and former Chicken Shack singer Christine McVie, who was known by her maiden name Christine Perfect while with The Shack.
The one constant through out all of Fleetwood Mac’s lineups has always been the rhythm section of drummer Mick Fleetwood and bassist John “Mac” McVie. Their talent has always been at the core of all Mac songs so this music style change was nothing to the two of them.
We move forward to the third album Mystery to Me by this lineup to find our song Hypnotized. Recorded using the Rolling Stones Mobile Studio, Mystery to Me was released in 1973.
“Hypnotized” was written by Bob Welch. Mick’s symbol and snare drum beat at the beginning sets the song off just right. It makes you fill like your about to fall into your dream state. Then Bob Weston gives us a string hear and there of his electric guitar while Bob starts strumming the Acoustic. Then Welch starts singing us along this magical dream world while the rest of the band just keep it going with that mellow beat. Bob Weston’s guitar playing to me completes the whole tune. The way he just plays a few notes here and there. It reminds me of when you go see somebody at a concert and a fellow player comes out for a tune or two and they pick their spots to play a few beautiful notes.


11 thoughts on “Fleetwood Mac “Hypnotized”

    • 00individual
      I’ve been sitting on this one for a long time and I thought with the dreamy state that I’ve been in the last week or so waiting to go see the David Gilmour “Live at Pompeii” film showing it was a good time to post this.

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  1. Some years ago, in the heyday of cassettes, a buddy of mine sent me a mix tape. It kicked off with “Hypnotized,” the only song from the tape I can now remember. I already knew the song but for some reason, I associate it with that tape. This is a great song and the mystery in the lyrics is enhanced by the equally ethereal music. Good pick.

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    • Jim
      Glad you liked the tune. I love your choice of the words “ethereal music” they fit the song perfectly. And who knows maybe this might jog your memory of another great forgotten classic that was on the tape.


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