Gary Moore “The Messiah Will Come Again”

The Messiah Will Come Again

I don’t remember what came first “Green Onions” or “The Messiah Will Come Again” but I do know that I sure fell in love with Roy Buchanan’s music and guitar playing at that time. Having seen Roy many times before he passed I have heard The Messiah Will Come Again live a few times as well as the studio version but the version that Gary Moore does on the “Gary Moore & The Midnight Blues – Live at Montreux 1990 DVD” is amazing.
The first time I saw Gary Moore was during one of his short stints with Thin Lizzy. Gary’s mostly known for his blues hit Still Got the Blues but if you have never heard his version of Roy’s “Messiah” you need to check it out. Here are Roy’s studio version and a live version by Roy.


9 thoughts on “Gary Moore “The Messiah Will Come Again”

  1. The Gary Moore studio version (from his “After The War” album) was my introduction to this song, and it’s the main reason I checked out (and fell in love with) Roy Buchanan’s music when I was in my 20s. It’s hard to top the original but GM added his own personality to it. Thanks for highlighting this killer song and shining a light on two wonderful artists.

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    • Rich your welcome.I was really impressed by Gary’s version so I thought doing the post under him instead of Roy was the best way to show that. One of these weeks I’ll do a post on Roy’s song tune Roy’s Bluz done by a different artist that I think you will enjoy.


  2. I’ve heard of Gary Moore, but not too familiar with his playing. Buchanan was real popular in Pittsburgh in the ’70s. The local free-form rock station played “Messiah” quite a bit. A friend of mine partied with him backstage in Cincinnati in ’85, not long before his death. A deeply troubled man, but a guitar wizard.

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    • Pete most of the stuff I’ve read talks about his drinking being a big problem. Without a doubt he was much more famous back east then out here in California. I got a chance to met him and get his autograph once after one of his shows. From the first time I saw him around 79 or 80 I went to almost every show he did out here in the Bay Area. One of my favorite ones was Roy, Lonnie Mack and Dickie Betts.

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