24 thoughts on “Vietnam War Songs

  1. Nice post and collection of songs. Surprised no mention (honorable or otherwise) of Jimmy Cliff’s song Vietnam. Dylan especially loved that song. Anyway, thanks to Tangled Up In Music I have stumbled on your work and given you a follow!

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    • Tangled Up in Music I’m glad you liked it. I thought it would be a easier post then it turned out to be.Narrowing a list to just ten was a great big pain in the you know what.

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  3. Saigon Bride could be the theme song for Syria today. Baez’s voice and that lovely soft strum brought back many memories. And I tried to find my face in the 300,000 “Fuckers” that Country Joe called upon to sing. I wore granny glasses and had long straight brown hair which described many of the girls and guys there that weekend. I believe that music united many people and did bring the war to a close. And today, Bob Dylan wins a Nobel Prize! Who’da thunk it back then?

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    • Clare Thanks to you I found “Saigon Bride” after your post on Baez a couple months ago. It really does make a strong statement that easily could refer to Syria today. Ever time I listen to Country Joe I think of you and Charlie now. Dylan had a couple tunes about the war that barely missed my list and his songs back in the day were pretty powerful in shaping how the “hippies” viewed the war at the time. It just took the some adults “A LOT” longer to figure out how stupid the war was then the younger generation took.

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      • I was in college and I remember sitting with my boyfriend and listening to the radio when they did the birthday lottery for young men to decide who would go first. And when I was a junior, at the time of Kent State, we shut down regular classes and the students and professors set up speakers and classes on the war. We invited our parents and grandparents to come to campus and go to the classes with us. That’s why I have a terrible feeling of foreboding right now. I’m more afraid of the day after election day than I am of election day.

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        • Very scary but we have to believe that after election day we get the best one of the two evils running. Everyday more junk comes out on Trump and at some point his followers have go to come to there senses? Also maybe his followers have forgotten what the Nazi’s did in WWII? What do they really think that they will be save from his tyranny if they vote for him? Afraid Not!!!

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          • DennisI, I love Obama’s speech in Ohio on Saturday. to paraphrase: “Come on man! Do you think this guy is really going to be there for people who need help, who have lost their jobs? Get real, man!”
            And Michelle is doing a great job speaking up about girl’s and women’s right to live in a world where they are afforded the dignity that is their right. I’m really proud of the Democrats who have become unified in working against this buffoon and now I will refer to him as “the predator”. I still am amazed at the people who are so full of anger and hate that it is blinding them to believe he will be of any help to quench their fears and anger if he gets power. We’re all angry, but that doesn’t condone being racists,, women haters, liars and predators.

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            • Clare I never really thought much of Michelle until this last year or so. Watched her on The Tonight Show and a few other ones and she is one hell of a lady. Plus during this election her speeches, demeanor and class have stood out. She is smart, brilliant and a “CLASS ACT” that we as Americans should be proud that she was the 1st lady of this great nation for 8 years!!!

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  4. I’m sure that was an incredible relief for your parents. When I was a kid living in Detroit, there was a family across the street who had lost a son in Vietnam. They had a flagpole, and the American flag was always half-staff. I’ve never forgotten it.

    I listened to “Saigon Bride” just now. I like Joan, but I’d never heard this song before. What a gorgeous tune, lyrically and musically. Those horns really add poignancy to an already poignant song.

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    • Pete glad you enjoyed the song. Amazing how something like that can stay in your mind after all these years. I wonder if the family could have ever imagined that by doing that to the flag would still be remembered.Sure would bring a tear or two to there eyes I’m sure.

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  5. Some great songs here! I’ll have to check out the Deep Purple and Joan Baez songs, as well as give a closer listen to “Sky Pilot.” I did a piece on Phil Ochs a while ago, and he has many good songs, especially “I Ain’t Marchin’ Anymore” and “We Seek No Wider War,” which was maybe the first anti-Vietnam War song (so early it was never officially released by him) .

    Like you, I was (fortunately) too young to be drafted, but I absorbed that war from “trickle down” effect. Thanks for the great article, Dennis.

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    • Green Pete I found your post on Phil very enlightening when I read it awhile ago. Learned a lot about him that I didn’t know. “I Ain’t Marching No More” was one of the last tunes that I cut to get my list down. Which by the way I had never heard until after reading your post. When you do listen to “Sky Pilot” don’t listen to the radio version. Listen to the album version which is longer and gives you more perspective on being about the war. Also if you read my post https://forgottenrockclassics.com/category/bombay-calling/ you will find the a video on “Child in Time”. Funny you bring up the draft as my brother was maybe 6 months away from being old enough for it when they stopped drafting. I remember the relieve my Mom and Dad had after the draft was stopped.

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