Fleetwood Mac “Green Manalishi”

“Green Manalishi (With The Two Prong Crown)”

Without the talent of Peter Green the world could have never heard the classic rock masterpiece Rumours by Fleetwood Mac or any other classic Fleetwood Mac records. First Peter Green was the founder of the group. Second he was by far the best song writer in the bunch. Add in Green’s raw blues guitar talent that was on par to some of the best guitarists of the time and we got the original incarnation of the band Fleetwood Mac.

When thinking about Green another famous musician from the time comes to mind by the name of Syd Barrett. Each one enjoyed taking the drug called Lysergic acid diethylamide or for us lame people “LSD”. The difference is that one took LSD to far while the other one didn’t. While Syd was lost from us, Green was still functioning even though his thoughts and theory’s on life changed dramatically. After going through many struggles in live including stunts in Psychiatric Hospitals, trying to give away all his money to charities and other misc things we are glad to see that Peter Green came back and has recorded a couple albums and is even touring with a new band.

Peter Green gave us a few great classic hits back in his prime that will always be part of anybody’s Classic Rock & Roll play list. Black Magic Woman was a huge hit by another guitar legend from the 60’s Carlos Santana and my all time favorite Mac song Oh Well off of the 1969 album Then Played On which is a post into itself someday I hope. Another hit that might be on that playlist is Judas Priest’s version of The Green Manalishi.

Judas Priest "Hell Bent For Leather"

Judas Priest “Hell Bent For Leather”

I’m sure there is still millions of people out there today that still think that Judas Priest original wrote The Green Manalishi but it was actually one of the last tunes that Peter Green wrote for Fleetwood Mac before he left the band in 1970. While the Priest’s version is Heavy Metal through and through Fleetwood Mac’s version is dark and gruesome. Green states that “The Manalishi” represents money that he saw in a dream. While you sit and listen to the tune you can begin to get a sense of how Green was turning in the wrong direction from all of his drug use. As one who first heard the Priest’s version first and it was the only version that I listened to for the longest time after I heard Mac’s version and have listened to it more and more Peter Green’s version has become my favorite version. Soon after I began to listen to more of Green’s work with Fleetwood Mac’s and know I have realized what a talented artist he is and how much his work has meant to Rock & Roll or better yet good old fashioned British Blues Rock.


5 thoughts on “Fleetwood Mac “Green Manalishi”

  1. ‘Oh Well’ was on Then Play On in your part of the world? Curious. Most places it was only a single, as indeed was ‘Green Manalishi’. Both brilliant songs though, irrespective of format. Perhaps even irrespective of who is playing them! Cheers.

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    • Oh Well is indeed on the US version. First time I bought Then Played On years and years ago I never looked at the tunes on it knowing it had “Oh Well” on it. Before two weeks had passed I owned two copies of the album. Back in the day (before Internet) every used record shop that I went into I would look at all the Mac records they had looking for what album “Green Manalishi” was on, which as you know I never found.

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