Donovan “Atlantis”

Many things have been written about the mythical island of Atlantis. Starting with Plato the famous Greek philosopher back around 360 BC. Two of his dialogues that talk about Atlantis are Timaeus and Critias. I’m sure there have been tons of books written about the subject from people that shouldn’t have been writing about it in the first place being they had no knowledge of this place except for Plato’s writings. And maybe some that should have. Films. television shows and video games all have had success using The Lost City as a background or part of it. But one thing that we know is real out of all this stuff is that Folk Music/Psychedelic Music artist Donovan had a Billboard Hot 100 hit with his song about it back in the late 60’s that peaked at number 7 in the U.S.

Donovan had many hit songs from 1965 to 1969. His music style was influenced by the likes of Woody Guthrie to Ramblin’ Jack Elliott. Critics would always compare him or call him a Bob Dylan clone since there music influences were the same. Atlantis begins with Donovan talking about his version of The Lost City and how knowing there fate they sent out ships with the smartest people they had to colonize the world before the city was destroyed. The second half of the tune when the music kicks in it seems like he is looking for his lost love. After all she did live in the lost city of Atlantis that supposedly sunk.
“Way down below the ocean where I wanna be she may be”

To hear more Donovan I have added a few of his other hits on the widget bar for your entertainment. You can never go wrong by adding a little “Mellow Yellow” or “Hurdy Gurdy Man” to your day.


3 thoughts on “Donovan “Atlantis”

    • How was the movie? My daughter asked me to take her but then changed her mind saying that it was sad at the end. And your right Donovan’s mermaid would it right in on this movie along with parts of this song on a few Disney movies other then Atlantis.

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      • The movie was great and it was a really happy ending. There were some sad parts when Dory first gets lost and is trying to find her parents, but when the octopus gets involved, it’s hilarious.Lots of humorous lines and the underwater coral reef along with other ocean scenes are spectacular. There’s a whole book out on the spectacular photography that went into making the movie. I think you’d both love it. Get a big tub of buttered popcorn and a blueberry slush! Have a fantastic weekend, Dennis.


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