Dwight Twilley Band “I’m on Fire”

Dwight Twilley Band

“I’m on Fire”

In 1975 this tune reached number 16 on the charts and you couldn’t turn on a radio station for an hour without hearing it. They all kept saying how the Dwight Twilley Band was going to be the next big thing. Then something happened, the band completely disappeared and we really never heard much from the Dwight Twilley Band band again. As a solo artist Dwight had a hit in 1984 with his song “Girls” that rose to number 16 on the Billboard Top 100 charts. You won’t really find us doing many posts about a Pop song but we thought that this song belonged here. When you look up the album Sincerely on the Wikipedia site they used the words Power Pop whatever that is suppose to mean.

We really are not going to try and walk you through the different parts on the tune like we have in past posts since there really isn’t much to break down with pop songs that pretty much play the same chords through out. But one thing this song does have is the ability to out a smile on your face when your having a bad day. It might even bring back some memory from way back when that also brings a smile on your face. So in all it’s glory we bring you “I’m on Fire” by the Dwight Twilley Band

“And you ain’t, you ain’t
You ain’t got no lover
And you ain’t, you ain’t
You ain’t got no other”

Video courtesy of danthewelsh


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