“Basketball Jones”

Cheech & Chong "Los Cochinos"

“Los Cochinos”

“Basketball Jones”

No comedy team did more for the counter-culture and drug movements of the 1970’s then Cheech and Chong. Their first record had such classic comedy routines like “Dave”, “Vietnam” and “Tripping in Court”. Then in 1972 on there second album Big Bambu (that had a album sized rolling paper inside of it which we still have somewhere in the house) they gave us “Sister Mary Elephant”, “Speaker Ashley Roachclip” and the 14 minute Television Medley that had “Let’s Make A Dope Deal” and “Unamerican Bandstand”. Those are but a few of the funny as shit routines that you can hear from both of those albums.

In 1973 Cheech and Chong’s gave us Los Cochinos. Along with “Sergeant Stadanko” that was a continuation of substitute teacher “Sister Mary Elephant’s” classroom we got, “Up His Nose”, “Pedro and Man at the Drive-Inn” and “Evelyn Woodhead Speed Reading Course.We also have the pleasure of the greatest song every written or sung about basketball “Basketball Jones”. But before we can hear Tyrone Shoelaces tell us about his “Basketball Jones” the boys have to set up the scene with a parody of ABC’s long running Saturday sports show Wide World of Sports called “White World of Sports” with star broadcaster Red Blazer.

Inner Sleeve

Inner Sleeve

The song has some of the most talented musicians at the time playing on it. You can look at the Wikipedia page for the song to see the outstanding musicians listed including the back-up singers and the horny guys. Just to name a few we have George Harrison, Carole King, Tom Scott, Billy Preston and Michelle Phillips of The Mamas and the Papas fame. So for those of you that have heard this lost classic that reached #15 on the Hot 100 back in 1973, listen, laugh, remember and enjoy. And for those of you that haven’t heard of this magic song listen, maybe laugh and enjoy. Also on the right hand side you can find a link that will take you to the original animated feature showing Tyrone and his “Basketball Jones” skills.

Video courtesy of bckillick


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