It’s A Beautiful Day “Bombay Calling”

It's A Beautiful Day

It’s A Beautiful Day

“Bombay Calling”

After reading about the infringement lawsuit: Marvin Gaye Estate versus Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams, and the resulting verdict, it got us thinking about a couple songs from 1969 and 1970. This two songs are great examples of musicians working together to allow one artist to “borrow” the main chords from a song and turn a instrumental beauty into a hark rock classic.

It's A Beautiful Day

Cassette Tape cover

The Mother song as we will call it is the 5th song off of the self titled album by It’s A Beautiful Day. Bombay Calling is a Psychedelic rock instrumental that uses the violin playing of David Laflamme to the maximum. His classical music upbringing along with his ability to use it in a rock and roll format seems to bring this song to life from the start. In Bombay Calling the band shows us that their was much more to the band then just the classic soft melody hit White Bird, This 4 minute and 25 second song told us all that they could rock out just as much as the other San Francisco bands of the era could. To the right is one of our pride and joys, the original cassette recording that we still have after all these years and still played last time we tried to play it 15 plus years ago.

Video courtesy of JAWA444

Deep Purple "In Rock"

Deep Purple “In Rock”

As we all know the sibling song to Bombay Calling is Deep Purples anti Vietnam war classic Child in Time. This 10 plus minute heavy metal gem gives us a taste from all of the members of the band. From Ritchie Blackmore’s screeching guitar solos, Ian Gillian’s all consuming howling/screaming throughout the entire song to Jon Lord’s organ playing along with the masterful bass playing of Roger Glover that gives the Bombay Calling sound. And the glue that holds the whole song together in the slow parts as well as the rip roaring, slam jamming heavy metal parts Ian Paice.

Video courtesy of throulis22


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