Pat Travers “Life in London”

Putting it Straight

Putting it Straight

“Life in London”

Have you ever been in the mood to create one of those hard rocking, screaming full blast while driving down the freeway CD’s? Been over at someones house and they are playing some bored ass music that they call rock and all you can think of is that one song that will blow their ears off? This is the song you have been waiting for. We here have made many a CD for other people in our years and when ever someone asks for a hard rocking oldie, this is always the first song on the CD. If this song doesn’t get you off your feet and cranking up the stereo as loud as it can go then you might want to go and see a doctor or a mortician because you are dead and you might have died a long time ago.

Life in London is the first track off of Pat Travers third record Putting it Straight. The images on the front cover and back cover tell you a really great story of how rockers might have felt doing auditions for a record executive back in the days. So for this post we will show you both sides of the cover. Putting it Straight was produced by Dennis MacKay and Pat Travers in 1977 and put on on Polydor records.

Putting it Straight back cover

Back cover “Putting it Straight”

The song tells Pat’s story of how he moved over to England when he was in his twenty’s and signed his very first record contract with Polydor. The very first notes simple set the tone of the song up, and within the first 10 seconds you know that you are in for a thrill ride of pure rock at it’s finest. After Pat’s mini guitar solo of about 15 seconds the lyrics start off with “Life in London is bittersweet. Spray can slogans along the street” When you get to around the two minute mark the front cover and back cover photo’s start to make since, this must have been the song that Pat Travers was playing at his audition for the big guy. The final minute plus of the song is Traver’s playing guitar at his best. You might begin think about how you can get more volume out of your stereo so you can listen to this hard rocking, head bagging song again! We suggest that after you figure out that problem and have played Life in London a couple more times that you try this little beauty off of his first record called “Makes no Difference”

Video courtesy of Forgotten Rock Classics


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